Watch: Isabeli Fontana Celebrates Festivus With Some Pole Dancing [VIDEO]


Isabeli Fontana is the latest model to show up the very fashionable site of UK’s Love magazine, as part of the fine institution’s annual Advent Calendar of sexy models leading into the holidays. It’s been a good year so far, with Lizzy Jagger swinging for Christmas, plus hot turns from the likes of Suki Waterhouse and Kendall Jenner. Isabeli’s turn is particularly impressive, though, since it looks like she’s really set to celebrate Festivus this year–at least, judging from that pole that she’s dancing on so delicately….

We mean, it must be Festivus. There’s no other holiday decorations around, and everyone knows that Festivus–celebrated on December 23rd–is marked by the annual display of an aluminum pole. Personally, we think it’s great that Isabeli Fontana is free to honor her Brazilian heritage by celebrating the holiday of her choice.

We’re not really sure if Festivus is a national holiday in Brazil, but we’re sure going there next December if this kind of display is a common thing. Now warm up even more for Festivus with these pics below…

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