Lily Aldridge & Martha Hunt: See Them Tonight on '2 Broke Girls' [PHOTOS]

Lily Aldridge & Martha Hunt on 2 Broke Girls (8:00 pm, CBS)

We may be getting occasional with the See Her Tonight column, but we are often still needed–especially with Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt showing up to push the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with a guest turn on 2 Broke Girls. That’s the kind of fun corporate branding you get when both shows appear on CBS.
We’d also appreciate some corporate crossover action by having Lily and Martha talk Kat Dennings into trying out some Victoria’s Secret lingerie in tonight’s episode. That might not happen. We know that Airbnb is getting a huge corporate promotion, though. The titular 2 broke girls use the service to rent out their apartment, and get genuine Victoria’s Secret models right at their door. That’ll sure inspire a lot of guys to start using Airbnb.
Anyway, it’s a fine CBS annual tradition, and we’re hoping things won’t be as bittersweet as Adriana Lima stopping by The Crazy Ones last year. We know 2 Broke Girls will be around for a while, at least–and you’ll want to be tuning in tonight after checking out pics of the glamorous guest stars…

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