Suicidal Christmas Dogs on Instagram [PHOTOS]

Christmas can be a very depressing time for some–specifically, for some dogs who have to get dolled up in Christmas oufits for an annual display of epic Christmas cuteness. We wouldn’t even open Christmas cards anymore if it wasn’t for the possibility of seeing a dog who’s been given a Christmas cap, or maybe some antlers.
Some dogs enjoy Christmas more than others, though. You’ll find lots of happy-hearted dogs who are smiling for the camera while sporting some holiday finery. Others are a lot more concerned about maintaining their cool.
Those would be the extra-lovable Christmas dogs. Just take a look at this gallery of this year’s finest depressed doggies. They might be enduring some holiday indignity, but they’re sure brightening our Christmas. Also, the chances are good that any dog owner who’d dress up their pet will also be slipping the lucky dog a lot of Christmas treats over the coming weeks. You know, the safe kind–that do a lot less damage to a dog than posing for a Christmas card, judging from these expressions….

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