The Best Christmas Drinking Games To Play This Holiday

Take it from people who know, the holidays are so much easier to enjoy when everyone’s drunk. That’s why it’s important that you find the best possible Christmas-themed drinking game to play with your friends and family this holiday season.

If you’re looking for inspiration as to what exactly to drink–we’ll we’ve got the 12 shots of Christmas (holiday shots) for you too.

1. Santa’s Hat

Needed: lots of drinks, television, Santa’s hat

Players: The more the merrier.


• Place Santa’s hat on corner of television.

• Put on movie.

• Every time someone “wears” Santa’s hat, take a drink.

2. Jingle Shots

Needed: shot glasses, any type of liquor.
Players: The more the better.

• Line up the shot glasses in a circle on the table and fill them up with any liquor you want. (Each person gets 1 shot glass)

• The first person must start singing their favorite Christmas song and stop after the first line. The second person sings the next line, and so on.

• If someone does not know their line, messes it up, takes too long of a pause, or does not attempt to sing on key, they must take a shot!

• The next person then has to sing the line that the previous one forgot, and it continues! Keep re-filling the shots and trying it with different Christmas songs.

3. “Kris Kringle”

Needed: your favorite booze.
Players: 5 or more works best.

• Sit in a circle and go around, in order, saying “Kris Kringle” at a fast pace.

• If anyone in the circle messes up the name or takes to long to say it, they must drink.

• You can also say “Christmas Drinks” on your turn instead, which reverses the direction of play!

• If anybody speaks out of turn, they must also toss their drink back! Each person has a maximum of using 2 “Christmas Drinks.”

4. “Get Card-ed”

Needed: the holiday cards you received and drinks of your choice.
Players: 2 or more.

• Evenly divide up the holiday cards that you got between you and the other people.

• Take turns reading your card aloud, and if your card includes: a photo of people wearing Christmas-like sweaters, religious messages, or a photo with a dog in Christmas attire, take a big chug of your drink!

5. “The Alphabet Game”

Needed: Any drink that will do the job.
Players: Works best with 4 or more.

• Get a group of people. The first person in the group starts by naming something Christmas related that starts with the letter ‘A’ like “Antlers.”

• The second person then repeats the first, and adds something with the letter ‘B’ like “Blitzen.”

• The third person repeats the two, adds his own, and so on.

• Every time someone takes too long or messes up, they must drink!

P.S. if you want to make it easier, don’t have people repeat the previous things but instead just think of their own with the next letter! Still hard to come up with a Christmas word for X.

 6. “Home Alone” Drinking Game

Needed: Home Alone movie, mixed drinks.
Players: You can even play alone if you’re up for that.
Instructions: Play the movie and take a chug when:

• Any character insults or threatens Kevin

• Any character speaks or attempts to speak French

• Any character says pizza, Paris, or polka

• Any character gets hurt

• Kevin screams, talks to himself, or insults someone

7. “Family Christmas Party” Drinking Game

Needed: Your family, your Christmas party, and a drink.
Players: You can play this one by yourself, too!
Instructions: Enjoy your Christmas party. Walk around, talk to relatives, and watch what happens all while holding a drink in your hand.
Take a chug when:

• You see someone wearing a Christmas hat or antlers

• Someone asks you about your relationship status

• Someone asks you if you’ve been naughty or nice

• Someone starts crying

• Someone asks how old you are now

• Someone (or yourself) pretends to like a gift

• A child annoys you

• Something breaks

8. “Merry Public Drunkenness”

Needed: A flask filled with alcohol of your choice and a friend.
Players: 2

– You and your friend will take a flask to the mall or some other public, people-filled place during the Christmas season.

– Every time that someone says “Merry Christmas” you take a shot.

– Every time someone says “Happy Holidays” your friend takes a shot.

Be careful not to play to long though, you don’t want to get caught for public drunkenness!

 9. Christmas Movie Trivia

Needed: A list of Christmas movies with the name of the main character and A LOT of different alcohol.
Players: The more the merrier!

– One person, probably the DD, will be in charge of the list of movies.

– He will shout the name of the movie to the players.

– Whoever is the first person to say the name of the main character get’s to pick two people who must take a shot of his choice of alcohol!

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