Dulce Maria: 22 Hottest Photos On The Internet

Dulce Maria–born on December 6, 1985, in Mexico City–started out as a child actress, which means that she’s spent 20 years as a superstar in her homeland. She first proved that she was all grown up when Dulce Maria landed a lead role in the telenovela Rebelde in 2004. That series was set in the world of pop music, and would lead to Dulce becoming a member of a pop trio called RBD–who would go on to have their own fictionalized series.  [photo: Larry French/Getty]

Dulce began to be a pop princess in real life, too. She started her proper solo career in 2010, and still managed to keep her acting career going. Dulce has had some great film roles, but also keeps working in telenovelas–including a recent stint on Mentir Para Vivir before going on to hit the stage in a production of the hair-metal musical Rock of Ages. We’ve kind of been hoping that Ducle would take her impressive pipes over to Broadway, but that’s going to stay a rock ‘n roll fantasy for a while. Until then, though, we’ll take some comfort in 22 of Dulce Maria’s hottest photos…

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