NYU Students: Finishing The Semester Earlier Than Expected?

Like in many schools, NYU graduate students sometimes become “professors” by teaching classes of their own to the undergrads of the university. I, myself, am actually in one of these classes where the only teacher is a grad student. The courses are great because the grad students are really knowledgeable in their subjects and they understand the crazy workload we get since they were in our position not too long ago. [lead image via InTheseTimes / Christy Thornton]

But this week, we were told that Tuesday may be the last day of class for those of us with grad student teachers. Ending class a few days early sounds pretty awesome, right? Well the reason for this halt is actually pretty awful.

At most universities, grad students who also teach at the school don’t have to pay for their full school. At NYU–already one of the most expensive schools in the country–this is not the case. Shocking. Grad students have to pay their full tuition, cover their own healthcare, AND they make practically no pay for teaching when taxes come into play. I learned that at the end of all the math and subtraction, these grad students take home less than $200 a semester.

How do you even survive in NYC like that?! You can’t. The Graduate Student Union is fighting for higher wages, affordable and expanded healthcare, and tuition remission. The strike is set to start next week if the school’s administrative board doesn’t come to an agreement with the students! Let’s see how this all plays out.

I really hope the graduate students win this one soon… even though I’m all for no class next week!

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