The Year In Celebrity Booty, 2014 [50 PHOTOS]


Damn, but the world was obsessed with butts this year. Celebrity butts of the female variety, that is. Things would’ve been even weirder if the world was getting excited over butts in general.

That’s why we’re not complaining, too. We can kind of understand why the world got really excited over the butts of certain legendary models, actresses, and more. Just take a look at this gallery of 50 fine women who all saw their assets celebrated.

We’re talking about beauties like Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, Charlotte McKinney, Nicki Minaj–and even more that we won’t name here, because you deserve a butt load of fun reminders as you check out this look back at 2014: The Year in Celebrity Booty…

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