Watch: Biance Bree: Jean Claude Van Damme’s Hot Daughter Can Still Kill You [VIDEO]

Biance Bree Jean Claude Van Damme Daughter Hot Photos

We first met Bianca Bree when her dad–that being action icon Jean Claude Van Damme–brought her along to the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.┬áThat inspired us to put together our first collection of hot Bianca Bree photos, and we’ve been big fans ever since. In fact, we’re big enough fans that we’re still angry that Bianca Bree’s filmography is pretty made up of movies that star Jean Claude Van Damme.

We get even more angry about all this when Bianca puts up new videos like the one below, where she shows off that she’s not just some movie star offspring. Bianca’s a smart actress who’s also willing to put in lots of work to do her own stunts, and the gal deserves to show off by showcasing her own amazing martial arts moves…

Pretty incredible, right? Bianca could be cashing in easily on the MMA circuit. We’re glad she’s still kicking around and trying to kick her way into Hollywood. We won’t even mind if she gets to hit the big screen in her dad’s upcoming Kickboxer reboot. (That’s the one that inspired us to revisit awesome Jean Claude Van Damme dance GIFs.)

We’ve also revisited Bree’s hottest photos a few times. Take a look at this recent collection and see some real star power. It’s lethal star power, but we’ll take that risk…

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