Lizzy Jagger Swings into Christmas For Love Magazine [PHOTOS]

It’s that special time of the year when the UK’s Love magazine runs their Advent Calendar at their very fashionable site–and lucky guys get a hot model for every day that we get closer to Christmas. Love has already offered up beauties like Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge for a hot December. Today’s entry is uniquely British, though, with Love serving up Lizzy Jagger swinging into the holidays in lingerie.
Well, Lizzy isn’t totally British as a rock scion. Her dad is Mick Jagger, but her mom is ’70s supermodel (and bonafide Texas girl) Jerry Hall. Lizzy has been busy keeping up with both of her parent’s legacies, too. She’s been super glam as a sophisticated runway model, and daringly brazen in some practically nude photo shoots. It’s kind of weird that she isn’t a bigger name in the States, despite first making her name in a Tommy Hilfiger campaign way back at the start of the century. You’ll loveĀ the Love video–but first check out some pics that’ll definitely get you wanting to swing with Lizzy….

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