The Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Can Be Yours for Only $3.1 Million [VIDEO]

Check out the Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K–which you can buy for a mere $3.1 million, and we’ll add that Christmas is coming. The company has sure worked hard to justify that price tag, too. For example, they’ve ignored regulations for both road cars and race cars. Yeah, that already sounds great. That’s supposed to pay off with the ability to hit 217 miles per hour, and acceleration that goes from 0 to 62 mph in three seconds.
You’ll probably need to build your own racetrack (with no regulations) to use this thing properly, but that’s probably just an extra million bucks. You’ll never be able to win that back on the track, though. That’s too bad, since we were thinking that even the COED staff could compete in NASCAR with something like this in our garage. DISCLAIMER: We can’t afford a garage, either.
There hasn’t been total secrecy about the Ferrari FXX K, either. Gearheads were already all excited over this limited edition–mostly because of the car’s incredible roar (befitting a200bhp engine) getting those guys more excited than we got over Godzilla’s roar this summer. Check out some video of this flying monster, and start saving up for one of your own…

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WATCH: COED Takes On The World's Toughest Mudder
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