Jessica Alba ‘Sin City 2’ Strip Club Outtakes Makes The Movie Look a Lot Better [VIDEO]

Jessica Alba Stripper Video Sin City 2

Jessica Alba played a stripper who kept her clothes on in this year’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and her character could also get away with it in 2005’s Sin City because she’s a stripper who looks like Jessica Alba. We were cool with that. But now we’re even cooler with this amazing video of Jessica Alba doing her Sin City 2 stripper act in a studio that’s been pretty much turned entirely into a green screen.

So what we’re really getting here is Jessica Alba in color as her Sin City 2 character. That’s epic, people. After all, the Sin City films are shot in a super-stylized black-and-white world that captures the look of Frank Miller’s original graphic novels. The second Sin City film was a critical and box-office disappointment, but we’re ready to reevaluate the movie in light of this hot footage. (We started by reevaluating lots of the hottest babes of the Sin City films, of course.)

You’ll also get to see how Mickey Rourke looks in a color version of his Marv character. That’s pretty neat, but we suspect that you’ll be more distracted by Jessica Alba in this video…

Sadly, we don’t get to see a color version of Eva Green as the vampy femme fatale from Sin City; A Dame to Kill For. Maybe that would be overkill. We don’t feel like we can ever get enough of Jessica Alba on the move, though. You might want to keep watching that video again and again and again, but here’s some joltin’ Jessica Alba GIFs to also keep you convinced that Sin City 2 has provided a valuable service…

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