Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Girls: Monday, December 1

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December is here, but it’s always bikini weather somewhere–and we’re happy to report that models like Anna Hudson have found all the hot spots. In fact, the daily COED Instagram Feed has us plenty hot over bikini’d beauties like Marine Guadalpi, Vine video starlet Hannah Stocking, and Alee Rose.

Well, technically, Alee Rose is in a one-piece, but we don’t think you’ll mind the view. We’ll also concede that Cambria Joy is wearing lingerie instead of a bikini. We’re still happy to have stared a lot at her pic to confirm that. Nadiya Mol seems to like lingerie at poolside, too, and we admire how she can even keep things sexy while sporting a sweater.

Evelyn Rose does wonders for a flannel shirt, too, while Natalia Ramirez gives us a down-home feeling in her hot hillbilly outfit. And those are just a few of the ladies getting us all excited for December as we start wrapping up a 2014 packed with intimate Instagram moments…

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