Meg Turney Launches Cyber Monday With First Facebook Video


meg turney video facebook hot gifs

Cyber Monday is here, and nothing is going to draw in some sales like Meg Turney. The geek goddess has been staying busy lately with her Youtube followers, and now she’s reaching out to her Facebook followers with more exclusive videos. The first production has Meg getting to geek out over Nerd Block–which is a company that ships out a quality mystery box every month for a very reasonable price.

We’ve been disappointed by similar companies in the past (ahem), but Nerd Block is a quality company. Their mystery boxes are highly recommended as a fun gift for the geek in your life. You’ll enjoy hearing more about Nerd Block from Meg, though…

Meg, of course, continues to be a favorite of fantasy fans–and it helps that she’s so much fun as a fantasy girl. If you’re still catching up to Meg, then check out the joltin’ GIFs below for some real super-powered action. It’s like opening up a mystery box full of geeky sexy bliss…

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