Alison Brie Bouncing Sexy Santa GIFs Kick off The Christmas Season

Alison Brie is here in her sexiest GIFs to make sure that you know Christmas is coming–and she’s looking a lot better than Santa Claus did at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. In fact, there are a few guys here in the COED offices who are thinking that Alison Brie in some sexy Santa GIFs might be the high point of the holidays. The spirit of diversity means that we have to consider that they have a point.
Of course, Community fans will recognize Alison Brie looking amazing from certain episodes of the quirky sitcom. Everyone can debate whether they prefer the Sexy Santa Reality Show episode, or that episode with theĀ Santa’s Little Helper lapdance. We can all agree, however, that Alison Brie has become an important Christmas tradition. We’re not sure what she has planned for after Community goes off the air, but we wouldn’t mind an annual Alison Brie Christmas Special

Check out Alison’s other amazing GIFsĀ here…

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