Teri Wyble: See Her Tonight on 'The Walking Dead' [PHOTOS]

Teri Wyble on The Walking Dead (9:00 pm, AMC)

So, as the See Her Tonight column understands it, The Walking Dead is a television show about a bunch of people who wander around after the zombie apocalypse and keep screwing up the lives of all the other survivors. Sorry if that sounds harsh. We just don’t see what the big deal is with a little cannibalism when there are undead gut-munchers walking around, you know? [photo: Marina Cohen, via…]
Anyway, the important thing is that The Walking Dead is airing another mid-season finale tonight. We’re not sure about the show, but we sure know that Lauren Cohan has gotten a lot of deserved attention during this latest stint. We also know that tonight’s episode has the regular survivors going up against Officer Dawn Lerner and the other police officers who are trying to maintain order in an Atlanta hospital–and we’d like to suggest that Officer Shepherd be given some special consideration, because she’s played by the lovely Teri Wyble.
We’ve had our eye on Teri Wyble for a while–or at least since she showed up on some episodes of The Originals earlier this year. The busy New Orleans actress has also shown up on the big screen in Bullet to the Head and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and we might have noticed her then, too. There’s still no showcase like a Walking Dead showcase. Now we know to be watching for Teri in the upcoming Terminator: Genisys. Check out the pics below, and you’ll be set to watch Teri in your living room tonight…

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