KK Harris: 22 Hottest Photos On The Internet


KK Harris (born unto this world as Kaelynn Gobert-Harris on November 30, 1995) is one of the hottest names in hip-hop, and she’s looking set to break out big as the music scene’s biggest name in dance. That’s all the more impressive in that KK Harris had just turned 18 years old when she hit the road as a featured dancer on tours with Usher and Fergie. KK was already working steadily before then, too. The big difference is that now KK Harris is performing before thousands of hip-hop fans who don’t have to feel creepy for being knocked out by KK’s wild presence. [photo via…]

KK has been working hard all of her adulthood, too. In addition to her touring, KK is already becoming one of the biggest names in choreography and dance instruction, and she’s doing a great job of marketing herself. We’ll be very disappointed if we don’t get a #50ShadesOfK t-shirt for Christmas.

KK hasn’t been disappointing her fans, though. She hasn’t let her busy schedule keep her from producing 22 hottest photos that need to get shared as she hits 19 years old. Actually, these sexy shots were part of her busy schedule. That’s why we’re eager to agree with KK that she probably has the best job in the world. Take a look at these hot shots, and you’ll want to be following KK around on tour, too…

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