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Kendall Jenner: 22 Hottest Photos On The Internet



Kendall Jenner has has an amazing 2014, and she’s wrapping it up with a hot shoot for DAZED magazine–including two pics that definitely help round up Kendall Jenner‘s 22 Hottest Photos on the Internet. DAZED is always a fascinating read, anyhow. The latest issue is getting a lot of attention with a Shia LeBeouf interview that’s pretty amazing. Shia will just have to understand if we’re still more distracted by DAZED’s Kendall Jenner shoot, with pics like the above, plus this one right here…

You’ll want to check out the whole DAZED thing. We love the retro look, but Kendall is probably really happy to be living in the here and now. The low point of her 2014 was probably when the sales of her sci-fi book (allegedly written with little sister Kylie) fizzled. Also, we’re still outraged to hear about how Kendall was bullied by jealous older models during NYC Fashion Week, and all just because those other models had to actually work hard to get to the runway.

We’re thinking that hard work is kind of a relative thing in that context. Kendall sure seems to have worked hard in 2014 to us. It’s barely been over a year since Kendall first turned 18, but she’s already given us plenty of hot pics. Now check out Kendall Jenner’s 22 Sexiest Photos on the Internet–as recently updated. Thanks again, DAZED…

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