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Edie Campbell Kind of Sneaks in As’s Top Model of 2014 [PHOTOS]


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We should make it clear that doesn’t have a literal #1 in their new ranking of their Top 50 Models of 2014–but we’re still surprised to see Edie Campbell ranking at the very top of their complex rankings based on magazine covers and fashion campaigns. Good news for Edie Campbell, though, who seems to be thriving in the part of the fashion world where Cara Delevingne doesn’t get celebrated just for dating girls like Michelle Rodriguez. That was enough to get us thinking that Cara had an incredible year, but it seems that the Victoria’s Secret model doesn’t even rank among’s annual roundup. [photo via…]

We’re happy to see Emily DiDonato and Gigi Hadid sitting high on the list, though, along with¬†a splashy favorite like Kendall Jenner. But let’s concentrate on catching up with Edie Campbell–who started out 2014 by being proclaimed¬†Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in December of 2013. Edie isn’t afraid of some controversy, either. Her longtime boyfriend is Otis Ferry, who’s famous in his homeland as a flamboyant socialite who campaigns in favor of hunting causes.

The 24-year-old has a degree in Art History, too, so she’s probably set for some other flashy careers if this modeling thing slows down. That doesn’t seem likely now, though–and these pics will give you an idea of why Edie has taken the lead in 10 fashion campaigns this past year. She’s got a retro look and a modern boldness that has us all set to catch up with her in 2015…

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