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Black Friday Brawls: Chicago Bears Fan #75 Defends His Speakers — Plus Black Friday Photos [VIDEO]


Black Friday Walmart Fight Video

Black Friday has been in full swing since Thursday, and we already have our MVP–that being the Chicago Bears fan in Jersey #75, who successfully defended his Walmart shopping cart against a real douchebag in Michigan City. That must’ve been some deal on speakers, since it looks like some cretin in a brown jacket decided to raid the shopping cart of two–not one, but two–Chicago Bears fans.

We’re thinking the creep in the jacket deserved a real beating. Instead, he was lucky to find two Bears fans in a mellow mood. Watch for yourself, and ponder what you would’ve done…

Meanwhile, there’s a big brawl in a Houston Walmart over big-screen televisions–and the people there get a lot more dramatic…

…but there’s even more to enjoy this Black Friday. Check out this gallery of frozen customers waiting outside, and some angry protesters, and happy shoppers, and sitting in at Bloomingdale’s to DJ the big Black Friday sale there. That last one is way more unexpected than a Black Friday Brawl. We have more Black Friday trips to Brawlmart¬†here, but check out these fine news pics first…

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