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WATCH: Black Friday Panties Brawl — In the UK, Which Makes Us Feel Better [VIDEO]


Black Friday Video Cheap Panties UK Women Fighting

We’ll be looking at Black Friday mayhem in the USA soon enough, but it’s kind of heartwarming to start with a brawl in the UK over cheap panties. Go, American culture! They may not have Thanksgiving overseas, but Christmas is still happening, and Black Friday has become an international sensation. We like how they come up with Black Friday sales that play more like fetish videos, too. Enjoy the action as UK babes go too wild over some panties that are on sale.

Are they white cotton panties? Or something more sexy and sheer? We’re sure there are a few guys eager to speculate further in their very detailed fantasies. We’re just presenting this for cultural reasons, and so that everybody in the UK can’t feel too snooty later on, and start acting like their Black Friday is full of people politely queueing up for Downton Abbey action figures…

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