Here’s The Sexiest Photo of Taylor Swift from the 2014 AMAs [PIC]

taylor swift crazy eyes photo

We know that Taylor Swift has bared a lot of her soul in her songwriting–and a lot of her bod in real life–but this photo from last night’s American Music Awards might be our favorite sexy Taylor Swift photo of all time. We know that Taylor has worn hotter outfits, but we’re pretty sure that this is the look that’s only been seen in some of Taylor Swift’s most intimate moments. [photo: Kevin Winter/Getty]

First of all, though, we want to say that we still think that it’s really sexist how people look to Taylor Swift’s songwriting as some kind of sign that she’s a clingy mess of a gal. Nobody’s ever said the same thing about all of the male troubadours who’ve worked out their own high-profile relationships while making millions off their heartbreak. That’s not our point here.

All we’re saying is that we’re pretty sure that all of Taylor Swift’s lovers–Harry Styles, John Mayer, Conor Kennedy, and other guys who aren’t Taylor Lautner or Jack Gyllenhaal–have seen these crazy eyes at some point. This is why Taylor frequently complains about boyfriends who break up with her via text message. (You can see more of Taylor looking genuinely sexy amongst our other sexiest photos of the 2014 AMAs.)

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Actually, these crazy eyes might explain why Taylor Swift keeps being a guilty pleasure for so many people. We can’t stand a lot of sensitive songwriters, and we’re betting that James Taylor or Dan Fogelberg couldn’t have mustered this kind of craziness when they were in their 20s. We can’t say the same of sensitive songwriter Charles Manson, though.

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