WATCH: Leaked ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer: How Long Will It Be Up? [VIDEO]

Jurassic World Trailer

How long will this leaked Jurassic World trailer be up? No telling, so watch it now–and check out the end. We think whoever taped this got hurt. You’re going to get some B.D. Wong as the returning genius who helped launch the original Jurassic Park, plus more footage of Jurassic World. The opening scene alone has us really interested. [UPDATE: Watch the official Jurassic World trailer, too–although this leaked trailer has footage that isn’t in the official one.]

Enjoy this while you can, folks (we’re now down to our backup video, which is missing about 10 seconds–mostly stuff from the teaser trailer, but also a cool scene where a dinosaur is fed a shark)… [SECOND UPDATE: Okay, looks like our cool added footage has also been yanked–but still check out our gallery of pics…]

And here are some stills–including Chris Pratt showing that he can get along with a raptor, and a look at when Pratt and a soon-to-be-ex-employee stumble on something big…

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