Ferguson Protest Weirdness: Looting Selfies, Mickey Mouse, F-Bombs & NYC Commish Splattered With Blood [PHOTOS]

Ferguson Looting Selfie

Ferguson, MO continues to burn and get looted in the wake of the decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson after the shooting of Michael Brown during an arrest–and we’re getting a few classic moments in social media even amongst the mayhem. Consider the photo above of a proud guy who, as reported via Twitter by MSNBC’s Amanda Sakuma, takes a break from looting a Metro PSC store to first take a selfie.

Meanwhile, there’s a big protest going on in Times Square right by the COED offices–and the marchers have scored some support from Mickey Mouse and Elmo. We do not know what this foretells for the nation….

Ferguson Missouri TImes Square Mickey Mouse Elmo

And here’s Vine video of the Times Square march that we’re going to assume Mickey and Elmo went on to join…

And for more Times Square weirdness, check out protester Jeff Rae’s Twittering of the moment when NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton was sprayed with fake blood…

Ferguson Protest Times Square William Bratton blood

And what’s the most common weirdness tonight? Well, there have been plenty of live taunts on both CNN and FOX while the correspondents try to report for the stations. FOX had a guy in a Guy Fawkes mask pull the plug on their camera, and both networks have had their share of f-bombs while on the air. This one’s typical–and we’re expecting a lot more before this night is over…

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