Watch ‘Jurassic World’ Open For Business in New Teaser Trailer [VIDEO]

jurassic-world-trailer video debut

Here’s the teaser trailer for Jurassic World–and we know that we’ve complained in the past about teaser trailers that go on forever, but this is a serious teaser trailer that only provides a few images. They’re cool images, though. From the very brief glimpses that we see here, it looks like Jurassic World is performing just fine. The mayhem of Jurassic Park seems forgotten amongst the happy people seen frolicking with dinosaurs here. Maybe Jurassic World will just be a fun film about a really cool amusement park of the future.

Except that Chris Pratt sure seems concerned about something going on here. Maybe it’s just that he wants to have a serious word with the wardrobe lady–except that Bruce Dallas Howard also seems concerned. Or is that Judy Greer? They’re both in the movie, and it can be hard to tell them apart. You’d think the casting director would’ve noticed that.

Anyway, take a look at a real fleetingly fun teaser, and get ready for the proper trailer to premiere as part of the NBC Thanksgiving football programming. Damn, now we can never go to the bathroom…

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