Syracuse U Fraternities Compete Mobile Gaming Challenge To Win the Ultimate COED Party [DETAILS]


Syracuse University is the #1 Party School in the nation. We’re pretty sure that the frats of Syracuse University have a lot to do with that honor, too.That’s one of the reasons that we’re honored to have Syracuse University hosting the first Ultimate COED Party. There’s one way to make an Ultimate COED Party even more ultimate, though. That’s by throwing our first Ultimate COED Party at a Syracuse establishment, hosted by a fraternity.

The only problem is that we want to party with every fraternity in Syracuse. We can’t choose a favorite frat.That’s why we’re letting the Syracuse University fraternities battle it out through an awesome new rivalry-based mobile gaming app, playVS.

You can take part by downloading the free app from the app store and helping your frat brothers score plenty of points. Download the free playVS. app before December 5th and start scoring game points for your favorite fraternity.

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PlayVS. is packed with addicting mobile games and trivia, from sports games to Zombie games. PlayVS. also makes it easy to choose the fraternity that you want to represent in your gaming. Simply load the app and then follow the prompts to see which fraternity will score points every time that you win on playVS.

Don’t give up hope if you’re favorite fraternity is far from first place. We know it’s hard to top an Ultimate COED Party, but there’s a really nice roster of prizes for the valiant fraternities who come close to the top…

PlayVs Miss Coed Party more prizes

We’re surprised that this Battle for Greek Supremacy hasn’t started a real war at Syracuse University. It’s a good thing they’re so levelheaded over there. Have you seen PDP Afterglow Glow in the dark Headsets and game controllers for serious gaming? We’d even be happy with 3rd prize, because we need some new athletic shorts.

But which fraternities really need your help? Well, here’s the current playVS. rankings for the Syracuse fraternities at the time of this post. Yeah, it looks like some fraternities really need some assistance to rack up more points. You might be their only hope…

So join up now and get the COED Party started for some lucky fraternity in Syracuse–and then get ready for playVS. to get this going at another lucky university. And don’t give up just because your favored fraternity might end up in 2nd Place. We mentioned those PDP Afterglow Glow in the dark Headsets and game controllers, right? They’re pretty cool–so get in the Battle for Greek Supremacy now…

PDP Controllers

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