Miracle Drunk Mode App Saves You from Drunken Snapchats & Dialing [VIDEO]


Tired of regretting your late-night dialing and forgetting your late-night Snapchats? Well, there’s an app for saving you some serious humiliation. Drunk Mode has been available since April of 2013, and we figure it’s done a world of good since then. The app’s official purpose, after all, is to keep college students from making drunken phone calls to whoever they have listed as their contacts.

The bright idea is that Drunk Mode can be activated to block your contacts for a certain time period. It also enables a full Snapchat recovery. We can think of times when we’d rather not be able to review our Snapchats, but we can see how that could still be very valuable information.

You can also Drunk Mode to find your friends’ locations as you wander apart, and the app will keep track of where you are over the course of an evening. We’re pretty sure that some smart Hollywood screenwriter is already incorporating Drunk Mode into some college sex comedy.

Our only regret (at the moment) is that we didn’t get the chance to make the DrunkMode video. It could’ve been one heck of an infomercial. Check out the official video, anyway, and don’t be surprised if you’re rushing to make this purchase before heading out tonight…

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