The 10 Best Booties On The Beach 2014

best butts beach 2014

Summer is finally (almost)here and what better way to get into beach mode than by scrolling through our favorite beach booties? Many of us New Yorkers are looking pretty pale at the moment, due to sitting inside all winter, but the celebrities below live life a little differently. This is what they do: work out, look hot, go to the beach and get paid – so scroll down and give their hard work some appreciation!

Vida Guerra Kim Kardashian

Vida Guerra | Kim Kardashian


Stephanie Rao Kelly Brook

Stephanie Rao | Kelly Brook


Sahara Ray Ashley Skye

Sahara Ray | Ashley Skye


Emily Ratajkowski Tianna Gregory

Emily Ratajkowski | Tianna Gregory


Candice Swanepoel Nicki Minaj

Candice Swanepoel | Nicki Minaj


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