The 50 Sexiest Photo Shoots Of 2014 [PHOTOS]

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2014 was the hottest year for photo shoots we’ve ever seen, but it was also a lot different in some regards. The first thing that comes to mind is that there was a lot less of Kate Upton and Nina Agdal than in 2013, but luckily we were introduced to some incredible new faces (Hannah Ferguson, Charlotte Mckinney, and Alexandria Morgan are just a few examples).

2014 also gave us new sexy photos to look at every week because the publications, the photographers, and even the models themselves learned how to better share their photos on social media. And that’s not even counting that whole thing with the iCloud.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, we’re going to show you that this was the greatest year ever with our list of the 50 hottest photo shoots of 2014. Sure, there were a couple of late arrivals and some controversial inclusions but we’re popping bottles after nailing this list.

Prepare yourself for the greatest recap of the year on the web, and feel free to compare this with our 2013 and 2012 lists. Then leave your comments below.

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