Myron May, FSU Shooter: Florida State University Shooting Details

FSU Shooter Myron May

The students at Florida State University continue to try to get back to normal as more facts come through about last night’s (well, technically this morning’s) shooting at the FSU Strotzier Library. First, we’ll just note that we’re still really impressed by the student who sent a rushed text summing up the original event. We thought the guy (“Zack,” that is) must have skipped some details when we first published that this morning, but it seems that he was right about the shooter–identified as Myron May–never really getting into the building…


Today has mostly seen a press conference recapping that information. We’re really hoping that Zack is planning to go into journalism. He’s sure better at it than dopey University of Alabama student Marisa Martin, who scuttled her aspiring sports career by going on Twitter with an ill-timed FSU joke.

Meanwhile, we’re learning that shooter Myron May–who, as Zack reported, was shot “like 15 times” had some serious mental problems. The troubled lawyer and FSU graduate (Class of ’05, as seen by the Texas website legal bio at the top of this page) was pretty damn paranoid.

In fact, the FSU shooter was loony enough to be a fan of former wrestler and Predator star Jesse Ventura, who pretty much relies on an audience of nutcases nowadays. Here’s a typical Myron May Facebook post…

Myron May Facebook

The important thing is that we wrap up our day without a single fatality among FSU students, and a nice show of force by the local police. Let’s hope that things are a lot more normal on the FSU campus for the rest of the year–and they’re playing a pretty lame team in this weekend’s football game, so we’re predicting some much-needed partying on Saturday night.

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