Marisa Martin Reporting for ESPNU Before Maybe Killing Her Career with FSU Tweet [VIDEO]

Marisa Martin FSU ESPNU

It’s a big relief to know that the only fatality so far at the Florida State University shooting was the gunman. Of course, there’s also the matter of¬†University of Alabama¬†student (and ESPNU correspondent) Marisa Martin seemingly killing her career with a particularly idiotic Twitter posting amongst the mayhem…

FSU Gunman Student Tweet

Yeah, that wasn’t very funny. The aspiring sportscaster managed to make things even worse, though. It’s looking like she then actually sulked that “apparently I can’t make a joke” before announcing that she hoped everyone was safe at FSU–and added, “But I stand by my opinions.”

And then, as these things often go, Marisa’s Twitter account disappeared, and we got this Tweet…

FSU Gunman Student Tweet 2

We guess there’s a possibility that really happened, but Marisa sure doesn’t have a lot of people buying her story. Meanwhile, she just keeps disappearing. That includes lots of video, but here’s Marisa practicing her fine journalism skills for ESPNU. Check it out quick, before it disappears. As you can imagine, ESPNU is staying busy trying to distance themselves from the gal. [UPDATE: The original video’s been pulled, but we have another one below–with the comic stylings of Marisa Martin]


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