FSU Student Shot In Back Saved By Textbooks and Backpack

FSU Shooting Photos

By now you know about the Florida State University shooting at Strozier Library early Thursday morning, and the somewhat fortunate news that only three students were injured–one of whom is in critical condition.

But new evidence shows that there would have been a fourth victim, if not for the fact that he had checked out two textbooks one minute earlier–textbooks which stopped a bullet.

Five f*cking feet away. That’s unbelievable.

He then went onto Reddit (under the name thejasond123) and posted new details and photos that show he was the first intended target of the shooter.

I’m a student at FSU, I was leaving Strozier when I heard a shot behind me. I turned around and saw the gunman shoot one person who collapsed. I turned and ran to my car before driving off. There were a ton of people stuck in the library when this happened. I went home so I don’t have any other details.

Edit: I got home and noticed two of my books were destroyed. They stopped the bullet. I was the initial target of the gunman. I’ve posted pictures of the bullet, the books, and my backpack. I’m beyond lucky to not have been injured at all. Thank you all for your support, your comments have comforted me.

Edit 2: Just got home from the station. Gave my statement, the police came by around 3:30 a.m. to collect the evidence. There were a bunch of people shaken up at the station, but it looks like everyone is okay. The worst injured guy is in surgery, and after that, hopefully (s)he’s in the clear. Also, thank you for the gold, kind stranger. :)

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