FSU Gunman in Strotzier Library: Updated Details, Video, and Student Tweets

FSU Gunman

After a night of terror at Florida State University, students are probably still just getting to sleep as others wake up to details of a shooting rampage that’s left at least two three students wounded and the gunman dead. The university’s Strotzier Library is open 24 hours during the¬†week, and there were hundred of students inside the library when a male entered with a handgun and began to open fire.

Naturally, the events were covered by social media via social media, including this eyewitness report that’s turned out to be impressively accurate. 6% power has never looked scarier…

FSU Shooting Twitter 2

There’s also video of the assembled students waiting for the police and campus security shortly after the shootings began. Hopefully, this will be the closest that any of us ever get to a campus lockdown…

And as terrifying as it must have been to be in that video, it couldn’t have been much better for the parents of the students of Florida State University.

FSU Shooting Twitter 4

Classes are canceled today.


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