Barbara Palvin Does Marie Claire Italia — Again [PHOTOS]

Barbara Palvin naked Marie Claire Italy

Barbara Palvin took some hot nude photos for Marie Claire‘s Italian edition, and it still must be summer over there. Otherwise, she’d be very cold. We can be sure of one thing about Italy, though. The editors at the Marie Claire offices over there sure think a lot like the COED staffers. We also like the idea of Barbara Palvin taking off all of her clothes. [photos via…]

In fact, it was just this past April that Marie Claire got Barbara Palvin to run around naked on a beach. Now the editors there have more naked Barbara Palvin pics even before the year is over. That’s damn thoughtful.

It’s been a pretty big year for Barbara, too. We helped celebrate with Barbara’s sexiest pics as she turned 21 years old this year, and we got to see her in the multiplexes as one of the Hotties of Hercules.¬†We’re not really sure what inspired the men (they’re men, right?) of Marie Claire to run some these photos of Barbara Palvin with her top doffed yet again, but they’re very appealing. They kind of look like our fantasies of Barbara Palvin at the DMV.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of Barbara Palvin in 2015, too. Hercules doesn’t seem to have really launched an acting career, but she’s still one of the fashion world’s most popular models. We’re just going to ignore those rumors about how she’s supposedly Justin Bieber‘s backup fling when things aren’t going well with Selena Gomez.

We can’t, however, ignore Barbara’s fine work with Marie Claire in Italy–and if you missed that April shoot, then catch up right now…

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