Alessandra Torresani: See Her Tonight on 'Two and a Half Men' [PHOTOS]

Alessandra Torresani on Two and a Half Men (9:00 pm, CBS)

It’s a good week for geek goddesses and the See Her Tonight column that loves them. We got to go goofy over Jemma Mays last night, and now we have Alessandra Torresani getting a high-profile turn on tonight’s Two and a Half Men. That’s a big deal to fans of the cultish cuties, even if she is playing a pregnant beauty with a baby that Alan and Walden plan to adopt. [photo via…]
We’re not too sure what all that means. We’re kind of running behind on Two and a Half Men, although we’re still very interested in the lesbian lust object played by Amber Tamblyn. We’re pretty sure that Alan and Walden are still heterosexual, though. Anyway, the important thing is that Alessandra Torresani has been our second-favorite Alessandra ever since she showed up on Arrested Development as the original Ann Veal.
She wasn’t fired from the role. The original idea was to have a different actress play the forgettable character in every episode. As it turns out, Alessana Torresani has been very unforgettable. She’s gone on to be a sexy Cylon in the Syfy series Caprica, and also had a great turn on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Sadly, Alessandra’s work on the first season of American Horror Story didn’t make her part of the rotating cast, but she went on to be a sexy sorority sister in American Horror House with Morgan Fairchild.  We’re hoping for more genre work from Alessandra, but we don’t have any complaints about some sitcom exposure. Now check out these hot pics (including some sexy red carpet shots) to see why we’re so excited about Alessandra in our living room…

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