TXState Kappa Sigma’s “Sig And Slide” Party Will Make You Jealous [VIDEO]

sig and slide party kappa sigma texas state

Texas State University seems to be one constant party, and from the looks of this “Sig and Slide” party that Kappa Sigma threw, that perception isn’t changing anytime soon. Shit, even Matt’s smiling.

And yes, I’m well aware that it could very well be freezing cold where you are. Swimsuits and warm weather are among the last things I want to see right now, but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

+1 for using the San Marcos River to your advantage guys.

But in celebration of another Texas State party, I’m going to run with one of my patented “10 favorite people from this video” lists:

kappa sigma slip and slide

#10: The basic at 1:52 who does just about the lamest slip and slide I’ve ever seen.

Sig And Slide

#9: No brainer really.

Flask Girl

#8: I don’t want to say that drinking out of a flask is “sexy,” but it’s not not sexy.

Slappa dat bass

#7: Slappa da bass.


#6: The one dude who slipped and fell. On a slip and slide.

Manziel Fingers

#5: Oooh blood! Guess I should do the Money fingers.

slip and slide sig and slide

#4: All the ladies in this photo (even the wallflowers in the back)

Guy who shot it

#3: The guy who shot it–without him I wouldn’t be able to show you this party.

sig and slide party kappa sigma texas state

#2: The girl on the left makes a surprise reappearance!

Kappa Dog

#1: The DOG! Seriously though, this dog has seen some shit. Is he a stray?

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