Black Friday 2014: Top 10 Best Deals For TVs

best black friday deals tvs

If you’re looking for the best Black Friday 2014 TV deals–a staple of any store’s big sales–you’ve come to right place. Whether you’re looking for a massive 75-inch HD TV for 30% off, or a just a cheap 50″ flatscreen for just over $200, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. These televisions are the best Black Friday deals worth waiting in line for.

Keep in mind that none of the televisions listed here are 4K UHD TVs, if you’re looking for those please take a peek at our “5 Best 4K TV Deals this Black Friday“.

It’s also important to note that (unless noted) these deals will require you to actually be at a physical store to pick the televisions up.

black friday best television deals

Vizio D390-B0 (39-inches)

Where to buy: Target

Original Price: $349.99

Black Friday Deal: $219.00

You Save: $130.99

You can’t go wrong spending just over $200 for an almost 40-inch HD TV. From what we can tell, the Black Friday deal will only be available in store while supplies last.

Element 1080p HD TV

Element 1080p HD TV (40-inches)

Where to buy: Target

Original Price: $349.99

Black Friday Deal: $119.00

You Save: $230.00

Before you go and cop that 39-inched Vizio above, you might want to consider picking up this Element (a brand we’ve admittedly never heard of) 1080p HD TV for a hundred dollars less than the Vizio. If you’re a gambling man, this might be best deal for TVs this Black Friday.

black friday deals

Panasonic TC-50A400U (50-inches)

Where to buy: Best Buy

Original Price: $549.99

Black Friday Deal: $199

You Save: $350

As you can see, the deals are only getting better the further and further we scroll down the page. But don’t head to the bottom just yet, this Best Buy offer might be what you’re looking for if you’re in the market for a 50″ screen. It’s pretty much everything you’re looking for in a Black Friday deal. Read some customer reviews here if you’re not too sure about it.

The bad news is that we’ve learned there are only five per store. Don’t kill anybody for one.

Black Friday Deals

Samsung UN50H5203 (50-inches)

Where to buy: Walmart, Best Buy

Original Price: $699

Black Friday Deal: $498

You Save: $201

Yes, we’re now getting into the slightly more costly television realm but the fact of the matter is that Samsung televisions are legit as fuck. And if you don’t want to pony up for one of their amazing 2014 Black Friday 4K TV deals, this UN50H5203 is a steal.

Samsung UN55H6023 deal

Samsung UN55H6023 (55-inches)

Where to buy: Walmart

Black Friday Deal: $598

It’s pretty much the exact same television as above, the only difference is that it’s five inches bigger and $100 more. If you’re a baller on a budget this will take up more than enough real estate in your living room.

Black friday tv deals

Sharp LC-60LE644U (60-inches)

Where to buy: Best Buy

Original Price: $799

Black Friday Deal: $699

You Save: $100

black friday tv best deals

Vizio D6501-B2 (65-inches)

Where to buy: WalMart

Original Price: $998

Black Friday Deal: $648

You Save: $350

This one is almost a steal when you take into account how freaking big it is.

Even better is that this television falls within Walmart’s new “1-Hour Guarantee,” meaning that if you’re within designated areas of the store between 6 and 7 PM on November 27th, you can purchase the gift and either take it home that night or receive it at a store before Christmas. This is really helpful if they run out of stock.

50-inch led tv black friday

No Name Brand LED HDTV (50-inches)

Where to buy: Walmart

Original Price: $398

Black Friday Deal: $218

You Save: $180

Yes it’s a no-name brand television but you’re missing the point. $200+ for a 50-inch television, also backed by the same 1-Hour Walmart Guarantee.

Samsung UN75H6300

Samsung UN75H6300 (75-inches)

Where to buy: Sam’s Club

Original Price: $2,999

Black Friday Deal: $1,998

You Save: $999

If you have a Sam’s club membership and are looking to spend $2K on a very impressive television, might we suggest buying the Samsung UN75H6300.

Samsung UN32H5203 deal

Samsung UN32H5203 (32-Inch)

Buy on Amazon now

Original Price: $399

Black Friday Deal: $247.99

You Save: $152.00

Again, not huge huge savings on a massive television, but you know exactly where you stand with a Samsung television–at the top. Another bonus is that you can pre-order this on Amazon and skip all the lines and misery waiting with the crazies.

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