Taryn Manning is a Bad Girl: 21 of Her Sexiest Movie Stills [PHOTOS]

Bad girl Taryn Manning has been one of Hollywood’s sexiest bad girls for a long time–but the Orange is the New Black star might be ready to become a Method actress. That’s because Taryn Manning has reportedly been arrested for violating a restraining order and making criminal threats against a former assistant.
Of course, Taryn has never been particularly well-behaved. She started out playing dangerous girls in movies like 2001’s Crazy/Beautiful, and turned her bad attitude into a real showcase as a hooker in Hustle & Flow. Then she began working steadily in indie films while developing a fashion line and working as a rock star.
And then Taryn got a whole new following as Pennsatucky in Orange is the New Black–although she was sexier as an inmate going up against Gabrielle Anwar for a few episodes of Burn Notice. Taryn has made a lot of movies where she’s played scheming back-alley types, or slutty local girls, and even some scheming slutty local girls. (Taryn’s also a hot model in real life, as you can see more of here.)

Check out these tough ‘n sexy pics from Taryn’s films over the years, and see why we think Taryn will be able to handle prison just fine. She probably won’t end up in prison, of course. We’re already hearing about the parties involved wanting to drop the charges. Taryn doing time is still a nice thought for fans of women’s prison movies. Especially because Taryn is a lot sexier in real life than Pennsatucky…

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