Sydney, Australia: Study Abroad Exposed


In every college students life there is a time when they can pretty much forget about taking those tough college cores and instead focus on what’s really important: partying in a new country and traveling the world. This time is the coveted semester abroad. Whether you’re going to Europe, Asia, or Australia you can use this semester to find that hot foreign chick you’ve been dying to meet or try that German beer you’ve read about. We’ve come up with some of the best places to begin your wild adventure; but read with caution because you may never want to leave! This is “Study Abroad Exposed!

Imagine waking up, going for a walk on a sundrenched beach, snorkeling in the bluest waters, and surfing with marine life you’ve only seen in pictures. That is where Australia comes in. Sydney, Australia is the mecca of botanical gardens, beautiful beaches, incredible hiking spots, underwater caves, and colossal harbors.

Whatever activity you seek can be fulfilled in this hub of culture, business, and creativity. Visit the wine countries like Harbor Valley! Or make a trip to the Great Barrier Reef to experience the fascinating corals! Australia has whatever you’re craving, which is exactly why we’ve chosen it as one of the best spots to study abroad.


The nightlife in Sydney is wild. With such a laid back, beach-vibe environment, how could it not be? There’s a reason why so many people dream of living in Australia, and you’ll find out as soon as you take your semester abroad there! The drinking age here is 18 so all of you undergrads will have no problem getting into the hottest spots. From old, traditional hotels to new, trendy spots, you’ll be amazed at all the city has to offer.

Chinese Laundry is number one on our list because this has been called the best club in all of Australia! World renown house, electro and tech DJs have performed at this trendy club. The club creates an atmosphere of magic and glamour. The somewhat hidden, electro spot is intimate yet rowdy. Make your way over there to get cozy with your new girl!

– Next up is the relaxed, opulent lounge: Ivy Bar. Ivy has warm corners with fine couches for private chats and laid-back, unwinding drinks. The bar also has a big space for getting down and dirty—dancing your night away while tossing back some cocktails. The Sydneysiders who gather here have tokened it as the “imperial palace” because of its upscale design and luxe, sophisticated feel. Who wouldn’t want to party in a palace?

– Like I said, some of the hottest spots in Sydney are housed within the oldest hotels and buildings—a charming aspect of Sydney’s nightlife. The Argyle Hotel is exactly that, a venue like no other in Sydney. It features 5 diverse bars, from an private lounge to a cobblestoned courtyard bar! The hotel is the perfect mix of old and new giving it a chill, cozy, yet exciting vibe. All the bars in the hotel are very different so make sure to check out each at some point. From wines, to cocktails, to beers, to food, the hotel-bars offer it ALL.

– Every city needs its burlesque, jazzy club. It’s a place to hang with friends, listen to real, good music and watch the hot performers. The Vanguard is summed up in one word: Cool. This venue has live bands playing almost every night and is inspired by New Orleans-style bars. Its unpretentious ambiance, with red velvet curtains, and dim lighting, brings sexy energy you will never get tired of. The mystique of this spot is alluring!


 Sydney is all about fresh food. Known for its seafood, you’ll always have a delicious new meal to try. Whether you’re craving lobster, crab, or dolphin, you’ll find the best dishes in Australia. Because Sydney is so diverse, however, you can find all different ethnic restaurants here as well!

– Tetsuya (Seafood)

– Sean’s Panaroma (Australian)
– Fatima’s Lebanese Restaurant (Lebanese, open until 3 a.m., many celebrities like the Beastie Boys have eaten there)
– Golden Century Seafood Restaurant (Best salt and pepper crab)
– Reuben Hills (Latin/Mexican)


January is definitely the best month in Sydney for one reason: The Sydney Festival. The Sydney Festival is the time of the year when the city Centre is closed down, free of cars, and becomes this extravaganza of art, music, burlesque, and performance! This artistic and cultural avalanche runs for 3 weeks in January and is the biggest event in Australia. Drinking, eating, partying, enjoying the shows, and taking it all in are the requirements for attending. The festival lures in more than 1,000 artists preforming over 400 shows and 140 events. This is a 21-day-long party that you and your friends will not want to miss.

 Photo Ops

Your people back at home won’t be able to stop talking about your pictures while studying abroad in Sydney… I can guarantee it. The pics from this city are out-of-this-world stunning. Make sure to take pics while taking a surf lesson at Bondi Beach!

Or, how cool would a video sailing across the harbor be? You can’t forget to snap chat your selfie climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge! Take a cultural experience and visit the Circular Quay harbor that houses that Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Sydney. Don’t forget to get some pics of Oxford Street, which has the best shopping so you can get your girl something nice.

Catch the ferry to The Royal National Park to go bike riding through the trails or snorkeling in the beaches.
You’ll want an underwater camera for this semester!

 Wild Card

 – Movies that take place there (Finding Nemo, Two Hands, Kangaroo Jack, The Matrix, Planet of the Apes)

– Instagram locations (Hyde Park, Taronga Zoo, Opera House, Williams Street, Surry Hills Galleries)
– Weather (More than 340 sunny days a year, mild winters with no snowfall, winter months are our summer months)
– Attitude towards American guys (Very laid back environment, welcoming)

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