Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Girls: Wednesday, November 19 [PHOTOS]

sexiest instagram photos Roxy Horner

We’re not sure what Roxy Horner is wearing in this photo, but we like it–and maybe it’s not realistic to hope for a┬álot of bikini babes on the COED Instagram Feed during a snowy week. Roxy still seems dressed for warm weather. Same goes for a lot of the other lovely ladies who’ve livened up our Wednesday. In fact, we have a few more bikini’d babes here than anyone might expect.

Hannah Ferguson and Lauren Vickers are flashing back to the past while flashing us, but it looks like Amanda Saccomanno and April Summers have found some warm climes. Alee Rose Stark can’t find a beach, but she’s beautifyin a rooftop while revealing some lingerie. And then we have┬áMegan Retzlaff deciding to just go indoors to doff her bikini top, which is a smart move. It’s even smarter to capture the moment on camera–and those are just a few of these intimate Instagram moments you need to catch….

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