Victoria’s Secret Model Lindsay Ellingson Turns 30 With 33 Sexiest Pics [PHOTOS]

Lindsay Ellingson Victoria's Secret sexiest photos

Victoria’s Secret lingerie model Lindsay Ellingson is 30 years old today–that being November 19, 2014–so we guess that she’s officially over the hill. Yes, it seems Lindsay Ellingson is all old and decrepit by today’s modeling standards. That’s okay. You guys don’t have to be bothering her anymore. We’re volunteering to take over here, and you’re all welcome to check out those younger girls. We don’t mind. [photos via…]

But if you insist on hanging around before leaving us along with Lindsay, then let’s at least look back at 33 of the sexiest Lindsay Ellingson photos around. This native California girl has had a pretty amazing career since getting discovered off the streets of San Diego. That interfered with her plans to study biology, but things worked out for everybody concerned–especially after the late bloomer finally became a Victoria’s Secret model in 2010.

And since we don’t want Lindsay to feel bad about getting older, we’ve even pulled her 33 sexiest shots from very recent history. It’s like somebody forgot to tell her she was about to turn 30 years old. We doubt that you’ll see much of a difference between these hot pics and sexy shots of Lindsay from earlier in her career.┬áTake a look and see for yourself–but, seriously, then you should just leave us alone with her…

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