Jayma Mays: See Her Tonight on 'The League' [PHOTOS]

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Jayma Mays returns to The League (10:00 pm, FXX)

Your humble See Her Tonight column has to acknowledge that we have not done right by Jayma Mays. We’ve somehow managed to leave her out of our roundup of the Hottest Girls of How I Met Your Mother and Sexiest Actresses of The League–and that last one is particularly embarrassing, since Jayma Mays has made multiple appearance on the show as inept interior decorator Trixie Von Stein. [photo via…]
Fortunately, Trixie returns to The League tonight, which gives us a chance to catch up with Jayma–who’s really kind of a late bloomer. Her male fans are usually shocked to find out her real age (hint: she wasn’t even born in the ’80s), and Jayma didn’t even really begin to take off as a quirky sex symbol until she made her first appearance on Glee in 2009. We can’t even be too proud that we discovered Jayma back in 2007 as one of the leads in the crappy comedy spoof Epic Movie.
Jayma has a real fan base nowadays, though–and Trixie Von Stein’s sexy antics have really helped. It’s not like anyone’s noticed that Jayma is even a regular on The Millers. That forgettable sitcom just got canceled, but we these pics will sure get your remembering Jayma….

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