Maria Di Angelis: See Her Tonight on 'State of Affairs' [PHOTOS]

Maria Di Angelis on State of Affairs (10:00 pm, NBC)

“Why did Katherine Heigl return to TV for State of Affairs?” asks TV Guide, and the answer is because her film career is in the toilet. The See Her Tonight column also knows why we’re tuning in to State of Affairs tonight. It’s not because we’re interested in another major network attempt to rip off Homeland. We’re tuning in because State of Affairs takes place in a world where CIA agents look like Maria Di Angelis–which means that State of Affairs might be closer to the world of James Bond.  [photos via…]
Maria Di Angelis certainly deserves her own spinoff–even if her CIA agent turns out to be some kind of nefarious turncoat. That might happen, since you don’t cast Maria Di Angelis in any kind of role unless you want her to really stand out from the background. She is, after all, the female Fabio with a classic bod that’s graced plenty of romance novels. We’re not sure why women respond so well to Maria, but it sure isn’t because she’s sexually non-threatening. It’s probably because Maria has the kind of look that can really inspire a believable bodice-ripper.
Hollywood’s starting to get hip to Maria, too. We still can’t get a Vampirella movie off the ground, even after Maria won a modeling competition that landed her the role as the official live model of the classic comics character. We’ve still been able to enjoy Maria in a lot of good roles lately, including an appearance on Orange is the New Black.
We’ll also be seeing her in two upcoming films that star, respectively, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Maria also showed off some fine reporting skills with New York Post article on her orgy scene for The Wolf of Wall Street. For now, though, let’s enjoy Maria right now, and then tune in tonight to see just how much of a fantasy we really get with State of Affairs….

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