Eugenia Kuzmina: See Her Tonight on 'The Comeback' [PHOTOS]

Eugenia Kuzmina on The Comeback (10:00 pm, HBO)

Your humble See Her Tonight column doesn’t just endorse The Comeback because Lisa Kudrow’s portrayal of an insecure aging sitcom actress includes plenty of sexy cleavage. We also think the 2005 series has gone underrated as both HBO product and the best post-Friends project from the entire cast. And while that first season had some quirky nudity that got us excited, Kudrow’s return has brought back the original series’ Malin Akerman for a cameo, plus Eugenia Kuzmina to really bring in some guys.  [photo via…]
We know it’s suppose to be a novelty when a Chelsea Handler comes along as a sexy comedienne, but Eugenia Kuzmina is currently tearing through Hollywood as an international model who also has an ace standup routine, plus some serious acting skills. It wasn’t too hard for the ravishing Russian to stand out amongst the manly cast of Fury, but she still stole the film as a femme distraction for Brad Pitt and his tank crew.
Really smart guys caught on to Eugenia with some earlier appearances on New Girl, Castle, White Collar, and other shows that needed a beautiful blonde with a unique presence. Eugenia still hasn’t gotten the kind of showcase that she deserves, but it’s no accident that she’s landing on a show that’s populated by lots of veterans of the Los Angeles improv scene. Take a look for yourself right now–and then have her comeback in your living room tonight…

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