Rachel Melvin in 'Dumb and Dumber To' Is Real Smart Casting [PHOTOS]

A lot of guys are excited about Dumb and Dumber To–and so are some brave critics–but we think guys are going to get even more excited over Rachel Melvin in the movie. This rising starlet steals a lot of scenes as Penny, who’s being sought by Jeff Daniels’ Harry as a potential kidney donor. Jim Carrey’s lovable Lloyd is after Penny for some lovin’. Suddenly, Lloyd doesn’t seem so stupid.

But let us brag that we’ve been big fans of Rachel Melvin ever since we saw her in Zombeavers–which, yes, is a horror movie about zombie beavers. It’s a lot of fun. It’s still even more fun to have discovered Rachel as the bespectacled good girl who doesn’t take off her bikini top. That’s how you know that Rachel’s the good girl, although it would’ve been…um, gooder if she’d succumbed to some peer pressure.

A lot of moviegoers will succumb to Rachel this weekend. She mostly has indie productions lined up next, but we know that Dumb and Dumber To will be a great leap forward–although we like the rumors of Rachel teaming up with Caitlin Stasey in the upcoming All I Need. The important thing is that we’ll see more of Rachel from now on. In fact, start seeing her now…

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