Kelly Frye: See Her Tonight as Plastique on 'The Flash' [PHOTOS]

See Her Tonight

Kelly Frye on The Flash

(8:00 pm, The CW)

It’s a big deal for the See Her Tonight column as The Flash brings a new super villain to the small screen–especially because it’s the explosive beauty known as Plastique, played tonight by ravishing redhead Kelly Frye. That’s really big news for comic fans (although we should still remind you that Alexanda Daddario returns to New Girl tonight, too).
Kelly Frye first caught our eye with her recurring role on the short-lived FOX series Rake, where she joined a brigade of hotties that included Natalija Ugrina, Susie Abromeit, and London Elise Moore. Then we saw Kelly ready to step up to stardom with a guest turn on an episode of Anger Management called “Charlie and the Lap Dance of Doom.” Kelly starred as the titular stripper, and we would’ve been willing to risk certain doom just to see her character back on the stage.
Now we have Kelly stepping up as the biggest villain yet on The Flash. We’ve included a pic of Plastique from the DC Comics universe below, and we’ll be happy if Kelly’s outfit is half as hot. In any case, we have lots of looks back at Kelly’s Anger Management role below, plus more angles to let you know why there’ll be a big bang in our living rooms tonight…

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