The Five Types of Relationships That Only Work In College

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Let’s face it: almost no relationship in college is “normal”. There is too much beer and too much sex to be had for any two people to remain serious and committed in a balanced and healthy relationship. Thus, over the years, several different types of relationships have emerged as a result of the bizarre hook-up culture on college campuses. It is important to keep in mind that any of these types of relationships would struggle desperately to survive in any other place besides an environment made up of sticky basement floors and twin size dorm beds.

1. The “Open” Relationship

There are multiple versions of the “open” relationship, but it’s a popular choice among those who can’t seem to resist the slightest of temptations. It’s an easy way to keep a long distance relationship going without commitment, and an even easier way to solidify a friends with benefits. In certain circles, this relationship is also known as “ideal.”

2. The “Hooking Up” Relationship

Over half of the college population is most likely involved in this type of relationship, whether they care to admit it or not.
Although there are different degrees of “hooking up”, there is a complete lack of commitment and honesty between two individuals, each of whom are simply looking to hook up until something else better comes along.

 3. The “Drunk Hooking Up” Relationship

Two words = booty call. You might not even know their name, just referring to them as whatever nickname you’ve given them.

 4. The “Cheating” Relationship

This relationship is quite simple. You are in a long distance relationship and are too afraid to cut it off, yet you can’t seem to keep it in your pants on the weekends. Your motto: what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her–especially if she is 500 miles away. Do yourself a favor and just end it, you’ll be a lot happier.

 5. The “Obsessive” Relationship

This is the couple that have actually decided to commit themselves to each other and attempt a functional relationship. Normally we see this after Thanksgiving Break.
The downer is that one party quickly becomes annoying. They’re always hanging around, joining in on pregames that make you question if they have any friends of their own. No one likes this relationship: please stop.

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