Margot Robbie Is DC Comics' Harley Quinn for 'Suicide Squad' [GIFS]

Margot Robbie looks signed on to play Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad–which is the best news we’ve heard since DC Entertainment got smart enough to make a Suicide Squad movie. For those who don’t follow comics, Suicide Squad is about convicted supervillains who get a chance for pardons in return for taking on dangerous assignments for the government. It’s basically a comic-book version of the classic WWII movie The Dirty Dozen, except with characters like Captain Boomerang and Deadshot. [photo: Jason Merritt/Getty]
Suicide Squad was originally a showcase for DC’s third-tier characters. That’s changing with Margot Robbie signing on as DC’s beloved Harley Quinn, plus rumors of Jared Leto signing on as The Joker. In the comics, Harley Quinn is basically the Joker’s #1 groupie. It’s a hell of a demented role, and perfect for Margot Robbie–who already proved how shameless she can get in The Wolf of Wall Street. (We still might’ve been looking at Eva Green in the role if the Sin City sequel hadn’t bombed.)
It’s no big stretch to make Harley Quinn sexy, either. You’ll find that Harley Quinn is a real go-to gal for the ladies who do hot cosplay–as seen in our favorite sexy cosplay pics from this year’s New York Comic Con and the San Diego Comic Con. Margot is going to really raise the bar for sexy Harley cosplay, though, and that’s a good reason to get excited over this casting news. And if you need another reason–well, check out these very animated Margot Robbie GIFs…

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