November 9th: The Day Macaulay and McCartney Died (Except They Didn’t) [VIDEOS]

macaulay culkin death hoax

Beloved Home Alone star Macauley Culkin is dead—but only on the Internet. In fact, the 34-year-old (mostly inactive) actor and (sort of) musician is very much alive and doing, you know, whatever he does now.

While there’s nothing strange (anymore) regarding online panic over the rumored passing of someone famous, what is remarkably weird is that Macauley’s faux demise occurred on the exact same day that, back in 1966, the ultimate modern celebrity demise hoax transpired: the “Paul Is Dead” incident that followed the Beatles for years, prompting the group to famously tease fans with “clues” indicating that maybe McCartney had really gone belly-up after all.

As for the Macauley mix-up, it’s fun to imagine him reacting to this weekend’s thousands of mournful Facebook posts and “RIP” tweets by making his signature Home Alone face. Instead, Culkin joked it off by posting several shots of himself posing stiff and lifelessly in the classic style of Weekend at Bernie’s. It also helped to promote his band The Pizza Underground–who, of course, play Velvet Underground songs re-written as tributes to pizza.

Of course, back in the analogue “Paul Is Dead” era, though, any such wink to the public couldn’t happen so quickly. Following word-of-mouth reports that Paul McCartney had expired in a fiery car crash (that may have involved a meter maid named Rita), the Beatles acknowledged the hysteria by having McCartney face away on back of the Sgt. Pepper’s, ending “Strawberry Fields Forever” with a voice faintly intoning “I… buried… Paul,” and loading the Abbey Road cover with “hints” such as the bassist being barefoot and out of step with the rest of the band.

Admirers of each can rest easy and enjoy an oddball connection now between these two superstars even beyond the fact that one is nicknamed “Mac” and the other is “Macca.” Let’s honor both living talents with a few of their own songs performed, appropriately, live.

Pizza Underground—“Take a Bite of the Wild Slice”

Paul McCartney—“Coming Up”

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