Jessy Schram: See Her Tonight on "Once Upon A Time" [PHOTOS]

See Her Tonight

Jessy Schram on Once Upon A Time

(8:00 pm, ABC)

There’s a lot for the See Her Tonight column to recommend tonight. For one thing, it looks like CBS will finally get around to airing the much-postponed CSI with the return of the lovely Lauren Lee Smith. Also, the stunning Stacey Bender shows up amongst the background action of the return of The Newsroom. And we’re really enjoying some fantasies with Jessy Schram returning as the Cinderella of Once Upon a Time.
Jessy Schram has had had lots of fans ever since her sexy turn in Veronica Mars, and quickly followed that up with 2006’s American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile. Jessy’s worked steadily ever since, and recently stole some scenes on Mad Men as glamorous L.A. real estate agent Bonnie Whiteside. We don’t know if we’ll see her in Mad Men‘s final season, but we know that Jessy Schram isn’t recurring nearly enough in her role on Once Upon a Time. This is only her third appearance over the show’s four seasons. Check out these pics and see why you can’t miss your chance to have this Cinderella in your living room tonight….

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