LeBron James Is Already Sensing Trouble In Cleveland

When LeBron James returned to Cleveland this offseason to try to bring the Cavaliers a championship, everyone knew that there would be some potential issues. It appears one has already popped up. Sources report that James and Kyrie Irving exchanged words after a loss on Tuesday night in Portland. If things are actually going to work in Cleveland, those two are going to need to come to an understanding on things.
James scored just 11 points in the game without a basket in the second half while Irving had 34 points. While that shouldn’t be a problem as long as James is bringing in rebounds and having several assists, Irving hasn’t been working as a true point guard early in the season. The expectation is that James produces the 30-point games while Irving has the assists. That simply isn’t happening right now.
The discussion was one that had to be had if Cleveland wants to win this season and in the future. James, Irving and Kevin Love were brought together for a championship run. It isn’t happening early with the Cavaliers sitting on a 1-3 record going into play on Friday night. There is plenty of time for all of them to get it together but the time for change is now instead of March or April.

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